Staying Safe Online with Nash Markets

Modified on: 29th November 2023

The internet can be a useful and resourceful tool, however, may also be dangerous. One must always keep in mind the pros and cons the web may bring. 


Virtual deception may be found in various forms;

Fake emails.

Fraudulent links.


SMS messages requesting sensitive information.


Calls claiming to be a representative from a specific company.


Nash Markets will always contact you through our official Nash Markets domain. We send information through links found on our website and never through a suspicious link or SMS.

If a fraudulent website impersonating Nash Markets were to be made, you may confirm if the site is legit by checking if a secure symbol is found in the URL. If so, this will indicate the website is secure. If not, the URL will appear as Not Secure.


Cybercrimes, scams, viruses, and malware are all techniques and programs created for deception. You should always be cautious about sharing personal information such as passwords and credit/debit card particulars online. Stay alert for any new techniques and scams to avoid being affected.

An intriguing advert is a common scam, promising you thousands of dollars with a click of a button. This is done to trick the user into providing information to claim their reward. Stay alert and ignore “too good to be true” web adverts.

Downloadable software, extensions, and programs are sometimes needed, although, not everything is as it seems. To avoid infecting your device with a virus, only download the necessities through reliable sources.

If you are experiencing any of the above, we suggest contacting a professional immediately to help resolve the issue.


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