Navigating TradeLocker

Modified on: 29th November 2023

 Below is a step-by-step guide to help you navigate our user interface:


Section 1: Margin and P/L Overview:

This section displays the total margin available for trading, as well as the total profit or loss from any active positions, all in your chosen account currency.

Section 2: Chart editing tools:

Here you can find the chart editing tools that can be used to monitor the chart data as you see fit. Please note that not all the tools are visible, so you may need to scroll down on the sidebar to find specific tools.

The tools are found in the sidebar in the following order:

Cursor Draw, Trend Lines Gann and Fibonacci tools, Geometric Shapes, Annotation tools, Patterns Prediction and measurement tools, Zoom in Zoom out, Magnet tool.

While you do not need to use these tools to profit from your trades, as you gain more trading experience, you will find these tools extremely useful.

Section 3: Navigation Buttons:

At the bottom left, you will see a “$” dollar sign icon that allows you to view the available pairs. You can also search for pairs by typing their name in the search bar.

Tap on the lightning bolt to access the trading section, which will display the chart data for the selected instrument.

Finally, tap on the “4 Horizontal Lines” to view any open and pending positions. You can also close trades from here by tapping on them and tapping on the “x” button.

We hope you find our user interface easy to navigate and understand. Happy trading with Nash Markets!



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