TradeLocker Migration Helpful Information

Modified on: 30th November 2023


What is TradeLocker

It’s a brand-new trading platform powered by TradingView and designed for lightning-fast performance with a slick, minimalist interface. Our team has put in the hard yards to make sure the transition is smooth as silk for you. Get ready for better performance and more tools and features to help you thrive in the markets with TradeLocker.

Trade Parameters

When you migrate your account, all your trade parameters, including prices, pairs, account types, commission fees, and spreads, will stay the same. That means your trades will not be impacted one bit. Trust us to keep your trades running smoothly.

Helpful Information You Need to Know

With regards to the Swap Fees on TradeLocker, the fees are the same amount, but the way they are charged and credited is different. On other platforms, you only get charged or credited swap fees to your balance when you close a trade, while on TradeLocker, swap fees are charged/credited to your balance right away.

Following our migration to TradeLocker, any pending swap fees will be charged or credited to your balance immediately. 

Just keep in mind that this will only happen during the initial migration. After that, swap fees will be applied daily at the end of business server time for the instrument you are trading with.

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