What's New at Nash Markets and What's Coming Soon?

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May 12, 2020 •
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Nash Markets continues to grow its client base and our clients are more than satisfied.

Here is a little update on what’s new and what’s to come as a member of the Nash community.

Some of what our clients value most:


-Fast and easy deposits. We do not require any paperwork or documentation for you to quickly begin your trading journey.


-Lightning fast withdrawals. We are currently processing withdrawals in an average time of under 3 hours.

Competitive Pricing

-Extremely tight spreads on all instruments with “.pro” attached to the symbol. These are the raw spreads (highly competitive rates) provided directly from our liquidity providers.


-Our 10% introductory cash-back rebate. This benefits all clients as it allows clients to start every week with additional capital in their trading accounts and/or pay themselves weekly.

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What’s New At Nash Markets?

Debit/Credit Card Deposits

Now all clients can deposit with a debit or credit card via INSTACOINS.

Analytical Reports

-We will officially begin rolling out our custom analytical reports this month! These reports will be sent to all clients on a monthly basis. *Clients will have the option, after receiving their first report, to opt in and receive it on a weekly basis at their request.*

-The report will provide valuable insight and simple, but useful analytics that can potentially help clients find their flaws and significantly improve results based on their true historical performance.

Rebates Sent Directly To Your Nash Markets Wallet

Our introductory 10% cash-back rebates are now sent directly to our clients’ wallets. This makes it easier than ever to simply withdraw these additional funds or let the rebates accumulate over time without worrying about risking this capital in your margin account.

What’s Coming Soon At Nash Markets?

Nash Markets Mobile App

-Shortly, we will be releasing our mobile app! This app will be the foundation of our emphasis on taking a professional approach towards trading.

-Our first tool offered within the app will be our custom Position Size Calculator.

-This calculator will be focused on providing our clients with an understanding of risk before they elect to gain exposure to the market(s).

-It will allow cross-asset functionality detailing the proper position (lot) size to use based on the client’s desired risk and stop loss.

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